Best Marinas in Daytona

Marinas are docks or basins with supplies and services for small boats and yachts. Compared to a port, a marina is smaller and cannot cater to passenger ships or large cargo ships. Despite what people think, a marina is not limited to natural lakes or water banks. There are man-made basins to handle boats and it works just as well. However, some still prefer natural waters for docking. Some look forward to that wide-open space-the breathtaking view of the sunrise and the sunset on the ocean. If you’re one of them and you’re looking for a marina along Daytona Bay, Florida, here are some of the best Daytona Beach marinas to choose from.

Aquamarina Daytona

Deemed as one of the best and most sought-after Daytona marinas, the Aquamarina docking services offer a great run for your money. They cater to boats up to 200 feet in length and offers up to 120 feet of covered dry storage for watercraft.

You can avail of their services anytime you want. The Aquamarina Daytona is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Experience on-site services which include complimentary showers, laundry facilities, internet, and cable access. Literally, every amenity is offered including boating supplies, snacks, and fuel. You can never go wrong with choosing this harbor. No wonder everyone aims to avail memberships.

Halifax Harbor Marina

The Halifax Harbor Marina is another outstanding area to dock your boat. Owned by Daytona Beach and maintained by Skipper Bud’s, a concessionaire, this harbor is home to more than 500 boats. The marina offers daily, weekly, and monthly rates depending on your preference. This flexible payment feature makes them popular and patronized by countless boat owners. Depending on your budget and financial situation, you can choose when to pay and how to pay it.

Of course, the Halifax marina Daytona Beach residents promote offers free use of Wi-Fi, cable, and complimentary pump-outs at the fueling station. Boat owners can even enjoy restroom and laundry facilities while lounging at the marina. The best part is, they offer security even after business hours. It keeps you and your belongings safe even without your supervision.

Loggerhead Club and Marina

The Loggerhead Club and Marina is famous for holding world-class events. From parties to weddings, to team-building exercises, this harbor is patronized by business owners and boat owners alike. Residents and visitors love going to the Loggerhead Club and Marina because of its proximity to the mall. You’ll never run out of activities in this place! You can relax, enjoy, and bask in the heart of Daytona Beach.

For boat owners, the Loggerhead marina Daytona Beach has offers wet slips for watercraft up to 75 feet in length. Plus, they offer covered dock services for boats up to 30 feet long. There’s no best time to get the Marina membership and services because it’s available daily. No hassle, no waiting, no stress. Then, you can enjoy amazing amenities such as wireless and cable services, free popcorn and coffee, access to local newspapers and magazines, including pool and shower facilities. Need I say more? Check their page for other benefits.

Sunset Harbor Yacht Club and Conference Center

If you are looking for harbors that offer reciprocal privileges, the Sunset Harbor Yacht Club is for you. This Marina is home to 61 exclusive members and provides shelter to boats up to 90 feet in length. What is a reciprocal privilege, you may ask? It brings all the members together for socialization because the company believes that they are the stakeholders and must be offered the best events and services.

Being a member of the Sunset Harbor Yacht Club offers the best and most exclusive amenities while experiencing the best beaches Daytona offers. All member slips come equipped with electricity, cable, and water hookups. Docked ships are also offered restroom, shower, locker, pool, and hot tub privileges. But these are not the only benefits. Tune in to their site to know more.

Daytona Marina & Boat Works

Are you looking for a marina that offers full-services? Daytona Marina and Boat Works is one of the most reliable and most time-tested harbors in the United States. For over a Century, this marina has been providing top-notch quality services to its clients. It was first used as a transportation hub and a camp for waterway construction. During the Second World War, the dock offered a safe site for naval ships for repair and construction.


Until now, Daytona Marina and Boat Works uplifts its name by offering a boutique for refurbishing boats. With its 100 slips, it can cater to boats as long as 200 feet. Can you imagine how much it can cater? The best part is, their staff is available for service and security 24 hours.  It’s one of the securest docks you’ll ever lounge on.


Daytona Marina and Boat Works is located in South Daytona, west of the Halifax River. Speaking of the breathtaking view of nature, you can lounge on the docks and bask in the freshness of the air and soft warmth of the sun. The best part is, the staff Daytona Marina and Boat Works is deemed the friendliest on the east coast. They are patronized not only because of their amenities but also their welcoming nature. Every day is a great day at this marina, so you better try their services.


These are five of the most outstanding boat storages Daytona Beach residents endorse. If you’re looking for one to dock your boat, look at the amenities offered and see which one bests your preferences and your needs. So, choose wisely and make sure to get the security and services you deserve.