Daytona Florida Marinas –Which are the Best Marinas?

Famous for its wide and smooth beach, the Daytona Beach in Florida has been acclaimed as one of the most famous beaches in the world. The sandy beaches at the Daytona Florida are also famous for the presence of the Daytona International Speedway –the famous sandy racetrack. The beautiful beach, in the modern era, is a major tourist attraction spot situated by the pristine Atlantic Ocean.

The entire area of the Daytona Beach is known to boast the presence of just a few beaches that deliver an unparalleled experience to the tourists and locals alike. The beaches are also perfect for a wide range of adventure-filled activities including castle-building, swimming, bike riding, surfing, jogging, fishing, and simply relaxing under the warm sunshine.

Daytona Beach in Florida is situated across the east-central coast by central Florida, and provides access to the Atlantic Ocean and the Halifax River at the same time. There are various area marinas –all situated on the Halifax River, that are known for providing services to the local people who might be searching for a place to parking their watercraft. Each marina on the Daytona Beach is known to feature its own set of amenities for the respective boat owners. As such, the boat owners here can look forward to getting multiple options and amenities to choose from.

The Best Marinas in Daytona, Florida

Here is our selection of the best marinas in Daytona Beach, Florida for your convenient watercraft parking and storage. Have a look:

#Aquamarina Daytona

This marina on the Daytona Beach is known to provide access to impressive dock storage services that operate 24 hours a day. The dock storage area is capable of accommodating boats of around 200 feet in total length while covering the area for dry watercraft storage of around 120 feet in length. Some of the interesting on-site services that the marina has to offer to the local residents are the presence of a lounge area with complimentary laundry facilities, showers, cable access, and wireless Internet connection.

Additionally, there is also the presence of snacks, boating supplies, ice, fuel, and surplus maintenance services as amenities for the visitors. At Aquamarina, you can come across both dry rates along with monthly & annual memberships.

#Halifax Harbor Marina

The given marina is owned by the Daytona Beach itself and maintained by the Skipper Bud’s. The marina is capable of accommodating as many as 500 and over boat slips. At the same time, it is also known for providing docking rates on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even annual basis. Some of the top-class amenities offered at the marina are access to wireless Internet services, security services even after business hours, complimentary pump-outs at the respective fueling station, laundry facilities, restroom, and access to the lounge meant for the boaters.

The boat owners at this marina can also look forward to refueling themselves at the venue while arranging for cable TV services if they happen to stay at the marina.

#Loggerhead Club & Marina

The given famous marina at the Daytona Beach provides access to wet boat slips including watercraft –for up to 75 feet in total length. At the same time, there is also the presence of covered areas for dry dock services for the watercraft and boats –for around 30 feet in total length.

Both services as well as memberships for the Loggerhead Club & Marina are available for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. There is also the availability of seasonal rates for the boat owners. The members at this marina can look forward to enjoying the exclusive hot tub & pool facilities offered at the venue. Moreover, there is also access to world-class cabanas, private showers, and lavish restrooms at the marina. The lounge area of the marina is known to provide access to wireless Internet services along with complimentary coffee and popcorn, access to local newspapers, nautical magazines, and overall comfort.

Sunset Harbor Yacht Club & Conference Center

The given marina at the Daytona Beach is capable of accommodating 61 member boat slips. Additionally, the marina is also known to provide access to transient docking solutions for yachts for around 90 feet in total length. All the boat slips are known to be equipped with high-end facilities including water hookups, cable television, electricity, and so more.

The boat slips that are docked at the given venue have access to the restroom of the facility along with that to the shower and world-class lounge areas. There is also the presence of a hot tub and a swimming pool at the venue. A washer & dryer machine is also available here.

#Seven Seas Marina & Boatyard

Since its inception in 1980, the marina venue has been a part of the local Boating Community for over 30 years. The marina provides access to the majestic Intracoastal River along with that to the Daytona Beach with abundant hot spots in the given area.

The marina is home to around 66 boat slips offering the exclusive dry storage Stackhouse. The blocking vessels are up to 42 feet in total length and 14 feet in total width. There are several slips available for transient or permanent dockage at the venue. Some of the additional amenities at the marina are the presence of a restroom, dryer and washer equipment, and a short ride to the local grocery store for equipping yourself with the essentials.

#Aloha Marina Center

It is a famous family-owned marina venue since 1973 at the Daytona Beach. The center is known to provide access to an impressive inventory of boats –ranging from boats to deck boats, cruisers, yachts, fun ships, fishing boats, and so more. There is also the presence of a huge array of amenities offered here that maximizes the overall comfort of the boat owners.


Make the most of your trip to the Daytona Beach by parking your boat at the lavish options of marinas available here. Have great fun!